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How does storm damage differ from other disaster cleanup?

Floods come with predictable consequences: Water-logged interior rooms, compromised electrical and plumbing systems and the potential loss of room contents, all of which may have to be replaced. 

But when a storm ravages a neighborhood, homeowners face exterior catastrophes, too. You may walk outside to find trees uprooted. Roof damage. Lightening-provoked construction dilemmas or the catastrophic result of a daunting snowstorm or hailstorm that can add ice to the equation. 

You could be looking at such a wide-range of damages you don’t have a clue where to start–which is why you have us. At BEST NEW YORK, you require residential storm damage help armed with special tools and we are always prepared to undertake your emergency using these tried-and-true techniques:

1. From the moment you call us at 866-514-1105, we race to your location and make our way through the interior of your residential structure, completing thorough interior and exterior inspections. 
2. Estimating the size and scope of the job, we’ll give you an assessment of what recovery will entail, offering to contact your insurers if you need our help. 
3. If there are services we don’t provide (e.g. uprooting an old tree that’s been destroyed), we will put you in touch with contractors we would call if our homes had been impacted by a storm.
4. Debris removal is one of the first things we’ll see to so their precarious positions or locations don’t cause further damage to your structure. This is particularly critical if your roof has been compromised.
5. Water removal is a priority. We hook up our industrial-grade siphoning equipment to rid your interior of standing water followed by the use of commercial equipment that dries all surfaces impacted by the storm. 
6. We may apply environmentally friendly mold remediation products to walls to prevent/retard mold growth.
7. Using our standard checklist, we do a second inspection of walls, ceilings, plumbing and electrical systems. 
8. We undertake a second exterior inspection to verify the condition of roof tiles, gutters, downspouts and exterior pipes, as well as looking for leaks and seepage. 
9. Returning your home to structural integrity is our priority, so we do final sanitation, air purification and deodorization checks before we leave, urging you to call us any time you wish after we leave at 866-514-1105. 

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