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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

-You return home from work exhausted to confront the overflowing tub your teen forgot to turn off when a friend called. You need a team promising to arrive faster to any disaster, not just the guy next door!

-The hurricane heading for Miami shifts direction, aiming powerful winds and rain at the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx. Queens and Staten Island won’t be spared, either. 

-Construction down the street from your apartment is right on schedule–until an antiquated water main bursts leaving the block (and your place) awash in sewage. 

Remember saying, “That can’t happen to me” when you turn on the TV? That’s what every natural disaster victim says when facing a storm damage restoration catastrophe. You don’t want excuses. You want to be rescued by experts who pride themselves on getting faster to any disaster so you’re not left in the lurch.

Beyond your fear that your precious memories will be too waterlogged to be saved is the biggest dread of all: Will your home or office be habitable again once the cleanup is undertaken? The answer is yes once you call BEST NEW YORK RESTORATION at 866-514-1105.


Our Signature 10-Step Water Restoration Solution makes things right again

Take a deep breath. The BEST NEW YORK team is ready to sprint into action the moment you call (866) 514-1105. We put on our gear, grab our equipment and wade into your catastrophe as soon as it’s safe to do so. Our services include—but aren’t limited to—the following steps to restore a healthy clean environment:

1. We undertake a prompt assessment of the situation before starting the job. 
2. A report is prepared that calculates the damage we’ve detected and anticipated clean-up time.
3. A plan of action is prepared for your review. If several cleanup options are available, we’ll let you know. 
4. Residential storm damage specialists use industrial equipment to remove water fast.
5. Using drying and de-humidification technology, we thoroughly dry all surfaces. 
6. We sanitize rooms based on the type of water damage you’ve sustained.
7. We apply environmentally friendly mold remediation products to retard the development of mold and vanquish offensive odor. 
8. We recommend post cleanup air purification and deodorization steps you can take after we finish.
9. We can help you differentiate contents that can be saved and items that can’t to avoid health hazards.
10. Before we leave, we remind you that you can call us at (866) 514-1105 any time you have questions or concerns.

Why the BEST NEW YORK RESTORATION team is your only choice

We don’t have to tell you that our competitors make the same claims we do. But here’s the difference you’ll notice from the moment you call (866) 514-1105 and witness how much we happen to be:

-We’ve been in business long enough to know New York City like the back of our hands.
-Our cleanup expertise covers both water damage restoration and applied structural drying engineering.
-As a New York-based company, our methods and services are designed just for this area.
-The equipment and products we use to restore the health of your property is top-of-the-line.
-Our storm damage restoration methods are frequently updated to meet new sanitation standards.
-Staffers are regularly re-certified, retrained and educated via classes, workshops and online courses.
-We are as focused on the emotional well-being of customers as we are on restoring their lives—which is why repeat customers tell us that they have memorized our contact information: (866) 514-1105

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